Come visit often

Come visit often

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Different side of me..

About Me::

Name:: Siti Maryam bt Mohd Faudzi

Nick name:: Mary / Mar

Special person:: Allah S.W.T,Nabi s.a.w, mum & dad, siblings..

My all my mum's cook !

My fav.drink:: black current,milo,tea

My ambition:: manga / comic maker, architect landskap, nurse, buisness woman, follow my dad !

Hobby:: sketching, surf internet, read online comic, finish my comic !

My wish:: I hope my future is bright and have a awesome husband.. ngee~
My Hobby..

I like anime when i was 10 years old..and i started to like it and buy the DVD..

Buying the DVD was like a drug.. i can't stopped buying it..and it's bad because i'll lose my money easily.. (=_='') please dont't get used to it you guys~

My mum once said ''will you eat those DVDs if you can't buy any food because you run out money??''

those words really haunt me.. 0_o ahakz~

finally.. i stop on buying it when i entered the hostel.. that was a release.. yay!! so happy..

My Ability..

At the age of nine,my friend force me to draw.. but i don't know what to draw 0_o?? her name is Nur Aida Izzati .. she is a nice person and a best friend to me!! then she force me to follow what she was drawing. Then i realized how fun drawing is.. and i keep moving forward and work hard on my drawing.. until it became nice and lively::

 I also created some of my own comic/ a math book..^___^ :::

I learned my mistakes from my friends comment after they read it..^_^  thank you guys!! without them i'll never know my mistakes on making my own comics.. ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU~



  1. very nice..bole jadi kartunis ni..

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  4. hai maryam.....haha lama x jumpa..aku mmg tau sgt kau ni suka lukis kartun:))

    btw, this is a good job!!! keep it up!!
    five star ***** for u:)

  5. thnks amalia..and thnks 4 those that support me..

  6. Nama samaran saudari (mary sabishii) tiba2 asyik terngiang2 dalam kepala dan tersebut2 dari mulut saya 2-3 hari ni padahal saya langsung tak mengenali saudari dan ini pertama kali saya lawati blog saudari (selepas saya google nama mary sabishii). Mungkinkah Allah ada rancangan untuk kita? Tidak semestinya melibatkan perasaan, mungkin bekerjasama dalam suatu bidang di masa akan datang? Wallahualam. :)

    Saya Wak Yad (nama samaran) salam perkenalan Cik Mary. :)