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Come visit often

Sunday, December 5, 2010

You Got to Love Japanese Word!!

Hello ( Kon Ni chi Wa)      Hello in Japanese                                  

Nice to meet you  (Ha ji Me Ma Shi Te)       Nice to meet you in Japanese    

Good Evening  ( Kon Ban Wa)        Good Evening in Japanese    
long time no see  (hisa shi bu ri)      Learn Japanese: Good Bye 

Good bye  (Sa yo na ra)       Learn Japanese: Long time no see      

Excuse me  (su mi ma se n)     Learn Japanese: Excuse me   

Excuse me  (su mi ma se n)      Learn Japanese: Excuse me    

Thank you  (a ri ga to u)      Learn Japanese: Thank you   

Yes  (hai)     Learn Japanese: yes         

No  (i i e)      Learn Japanese: no    

English  (ei go)      Learn Japanese: English     

Japanese  (ni hon go)      Learn Japanese: Learn Japanese: Japanese

 A  Basic about Japan.. 

Japan is an island lying off the east coast of Asia. Japan has 4 main islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku) and numerous smaller islands.

Official Name: Nihon or Nippon (Japan)- Land of the Rising Sun
Capital: Tokyo
Official Language: Japanese
Government: National Diet consisting of two legislative houses
Chief of State: Emperor
Head of Government: Prime Minister
Monetary Unit: Yen
Population: 126,398,000 in 1998
Area: 145,883 square miles (377,835 square kilometers)
Term for Citizens: Japanese
Religion: Shinto, various sects of Buddhism, and Christianity coexist.

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