Come visit often

Come visit often

Friday, April 15, 2011

Some poems that i wrote

Guide me . .

In a dark and empty room. .

i cry and lonely. .

I await the presence of anyone who wants to take me to a place full of joy. .

Then. .you appear. .

you extend your hand with a smile. .

i reached you hand. .

and you said. .

''let's go. .i'll take you out from this room that is full of sadness and loneliness. .''

''i want to make you happy. .''.

i eagerly stand up. .

We step out together. .

Some light penetrating my skin. .

but it doesn't harm me. .

it's called the light from the sun. .

I sense a difference in my life. .

a feeling that thruming my heart. .

my eyes shine. .i feel alive. .

is this what they called happiness?

is this what it feels like to be in a colourful world?

i feel happy by your side. .

don't ever let go of this hand. .

because you have change my world and my life. .

you are my true happiness. .


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