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Come visit often

Friday, April 15, 2011

What a girl wants to hear ?

The sweetness . .

A couple have a date..

they take a break after having fun..and they had a little conversation..

Girl:Thanks for the fun day..
Boy:No problem..
Girl:Can i ask you a few questions?
Boy:Sure.. honest..
Girl:Have i ever crossed you mind?
Girl:Do you like me?
Girl:Do you want me?
Girl:Would you cry if i left?
Girl:Would you live for me?
Girl:Would you do anything for me?
Girl:Choose me or your life..
Boy:My life..

The girl ran away in shock depression..
the boy ran after her and told her..

Boy:The reason you never crossed my mind is..because you ALWAYS on my mind..
Boy:The reason why i don't like you is..because i LOVE you..
Boy:The reason i don't want you is..because i NEED you..
Boy:The reason that i wouldn't cry i you left is..because i'll DIE if you left..
Boy:The reason that i wouldn't live for you is..i would DIE for you..
Boy:The reason i'm not willing to do anything for you is..i would do EVERYTHING for you..
Boy:The reason i choose my life is..because you are my LIFE..

The boy hug her in his arms..and he promise to live happly with sweet !


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